Full range of services in international logistics

We assist companies engaged in international trade with the delivery of their goods, customs clearance, certification and warehouse management.
Our benefits
Уears of practice
Employees with not less than 5 years work experience at foreign trade activities.
We take care of you budget and you know what you are paying for.
All the logistics challenges can be solved due to the individual approach.
We are able to assist you in most countries all over the world due to the wide agency network.
We ensure accurate and timely provision of information.
Providing just in time reports.
We know your business
Our specialization in some market sectors helps us to gain a relative experience and increase the quality of the service by providing the best routes, best rates, short transit time and professional customs clearance handling.
Electronic equipment
Audio equipment, video projection equipment, industrial computers and components, printed circuit boards, power systems, data transmission equipment.
Industrial equipment
Oil and gas equipment, metalworking, lasers, measuring and control equipment, closures and fittings, robotics, silkscreen, fabric processing equipment.
Lighting equipment
Electrical engineering, lighting, technical lighting, decorative lighting, stage equipment, automation systems, various lamps, accessories and components.
Providing just in time reports.
The guarantee
We don't change rates after we confirm the application form.
Control and insurance systems keep the goods safe all the way.
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