Customs clearance

Customs clearance is compulsory procedure for the goods moving across the border.
We arrange import and export clearance of the goods per our customers, assist them with the temporary import and export procedures. Having our representatives at customs terminals, we speed up the compliance of the mandatory customs procedures and control the good`s security.
We have our own team of well-qualified staff who are ready to assist our customers with any issues connected with the customs clearance.
Acting as a customs broker we may help you to avoid unnecessary paperwork and other difficulties with the customs authorities. We prepare all the documents and clear the goods in a short term.

We provide certification services and assistance in obtaining other permits.
Our specialization in some market sectors helps us to gain a relative experience and increase the quality of the service. Electronic, industrial equipment and lighting are our main product groups.
Due to the wide experience of our staff, properly prepared documents, the customs clearance takes just about several hours. Understanding your products allows us to clear your goods without any difficulties.
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