Airfreight is the fastest option for shipping your goods.
We may consolidate your consignments at our warehouses with further air delivery. We can assist you with the pick-up, export clearance and any related operations.
Due to the wide agency network we are able to assist you at most countries all over the world
Ocean Trans cooperates with many airlines, so we can choose and offer the most competitive option for our customers according to their needs. Depending on the commodity`s characteristics: weight, dimensions , IMO class , temperature control requirements we choose passenger or cargo airlines, route, transit time and provide our customers with the most appropriate option.
The well-established air service between Russia and China allows our customers to choose the appropriate rates and transit time.
We have a wide experience in airfreight shipments, especially in shipping electronic goods. So, due to the deep knowledge of the goods, we are ready to offer high-quality, fast and cost-effective service.
We develop the airfreight service on the domestic market. Due to the wide agency network in most Russian regions we are able to provide our customers with the door delivery at any required destination.
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